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Fuel efficiency+:
  • 20.5 km/l

  • 14.9 km/l


Current FIAT Linea offers:

  • FIAT



    1.4L FIRE Petrol


  • FIAT




  • FIAT



    1.4L T-JET 125 ps



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A refined palette

Choose from 5 sophisticated colours

Display your taste by choosing from 5 premium paint colours. The premium shades range from Minimal Grey, Hip Hop Black, New Pearl White and two new shades of Magnesio Grey and Bronzo Tan.

Color shown: Bronzo Tan

Dynamic yet stately

The new Linea embodies the best of italian design. Flamboyantly gorgeous on the outside, stylishly ergonomic on the inside. Its beauty aside, its solid built quality and functionality of design make the new Linea nothing short of truly magisterial.

  • Strong build quality

    It's of little surprise that the Linea boasts extremely strong and robust build quality. It's strength that keeps you safe and more importantly, protects your loved ones.

  • Ride the high life

    Best-in-class 185mm ground clearance

    The FIAT Linea delivers 185 millimeters of ground clearance, tall enough to protect the undercarriage of your vehicle on the roughest of roads.

  • See and believe

    Automatic switch on/off headlamps

    Headlamps that turn on and off automatically based on outside light conditions. Your car headlamps will light your path, for a programmable duration, even after you have turned off the car and exited it.

  • A sense for safety

    Rain sensing wipers

    The rain sensing wipers turn on automatically when rain falls on the windscreen and off as well when it stops.

Select an interior technology feature

  • Cruise control

    Lets you automatically control the speed of your Linea, allowing for greater comfort and fuel economy.

  • Beautiful settings

    My car system

    This vehicle information computer with a digital interface offers you a host of conveniences and customizable settings for your car. From changing the alarm buzzer volume to the color intensity of your display, the My Car system lets you fine tune your car's settings as you prefer. Functionalities include: digital odometer, external temperature indicator, trip activation analytics, real-time mileage indicator, distance to empty indicator, service schedule reminder, programmable speed limit buzzer, date & clock setting, front passenger airbag deactivation and many more.

  • Air of sophistication

    Powerful automatic air conditioning

    Keep your cool with automatic air conditioning control that helps to maintain the desired temperature of the cabin.

Designed around you


The dual-toned, soft touch dashboard features a strikingly bold new instrument cluster and a slick center console. It's curved ambient line makes it feel like it's built around you whilst also framing the front of the Linea's cabin. So reach out and fiddle away with your favorite knobs and buttons.

Select engine type

  • Finely crafted performance

    The FIAT brand's driving motivation has always been to develop compact, next-gen engines to power its cars. Making them powerful, yet fuel efficient; exciting to drive, yet eco-friendly.


    This award winning compact diesel engine is powering over 6 million cars worldwide. It offers impressive performance, better fuel efficiency and a smoother drive.

  • Power that thrills

    The T-JET Engine

    A masterpiece designed to set your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping, this perfectly tuned 1368cc 16 valve T-JET petrol engine churns out a whopping 125 ps at a mind-boggling 5000 rpm. And if that doesn't impress you then the 208 Nm of torque at 2000-3500 rpm certainly will.


Eco friendly, Ego friendly

Efficient but powerful

Charge past fuel pump after fuel pump as your vehicle has an estimated 20.5 km/l.


FIAT Linea 1.3L MULTIJET® diesel 93ps engine

20.5 km/l+


FIAT Linea T-JET petrol engine

14.2 km/l+

FIAT Linea F.I.R.E petrol engine

14.9 km/l+

Designed for safety and security

The FIAT Linea keeps yousafe & secure with it's Dual Stage Front Airbags+ and Early Crash Sensors. Rest assured that FIAT safety technology+ is on your side.

The FIAT Linea has integrated passive safety features into the basic building blocks of the car. Be it the high tensile steel frame, crumple zone or reinforced bodywork, every aspect is engineered to build a protective cocoon around you.

The fine art of control

ABS at Work

From Antilock Braking System (ABS) to Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD), we have incorporated state-of-the-art safety features to help keep you and your dear ones safe.

The magic of convenience

Rear parking sensors

As well as helping you judge your distances perfectly, you no longer have to crane your neck.

Security in it's DNA

Security feature

The antitheft engine immobilizer with rolling code prevents the engine from starting if the correct key isn't used; this is ensured by changing the security code everytime the key is used.


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