Contemporary urban vehicle.

Fuel efficiency+:
  • 20.0 km/l

  • 17.1 km/l


Current FIAT Avventura offers:

  • FIAT



    1.3L MULTIJET® 93ps Diesel

  • FIAT



    1.3L MULTIJET® 93ps Diesel

  • FIAT



    1.3L MULTIJET® 93ps Diesel

  • FIAT


    Powered by Abarth

    1.4L T-JET® Petrol

40.64 cm (16) Abarth Alloy wheels

Scorpion sting design of alloy wheels
Highest Torque


@ 2000-4000 rpm Fuel efficiency


Fastest cross sprinter on road.

  • 0-100 km/h : 9.9 Seconds
  • 0-1000m : 31.8 Seconds

Engine crafted for races

1.4 T-Jet Engine specially tuned for a power-packed adventure

All 4 disc brakes

With great power comes great responsibility

Create a sensation, everywhere,
every time

Bold and thrilling, it makes a statement.

Its curvilinear form and rugged look make it the most reliable, safe and stylish companion for your active lifestyle in the city.

Color shown: Bronzo Tan* (metallic) *Additional charges applicable for metallic colors.

Transport your dream

Functional roof rail to carry all your stuff

Your weekend getaway in the lap of nature? A forest trail? The Avventura encourages you to carry your mountain bike, skis or even your kayak on this functional roof rail.

Select an exterior feature

  • Lead the way with élan.

    Rear-mounted spare wheel for that sporty look

    The spare wheel mounted on the back looks good – you can't deny it. The plus: it does not eat into your valuable boot space.

  • Style on wheels

    40.64 cm (16) alloy wheels make adventure look good

    The 40.64 cm (16) alloy wheels are standard on all Avventura variants, so whichever variant you go for, these wheels accompany you. They also provide better ground clearance and the rugged look you love.

  • A better view in all weathers

    Fog lamps to let you take the mountain road less taken

    These powerful and stylish front and rear fog lamps ensure you have a clear view of the road, as much as others can see you, no matter what the weather looks like.

  • A touch of class along the sides

    Side body cladding for protection

    The side body cladding prevents direct hits around the sides of your Avventura. It also adds to the sporty look and you like that – don't you?

Comfort to
match adventure

Rugged interior geared for the outdoors

Your comfort zone to keep pace with your sense for the good life. It's dashboard with a defiant dab of color, 60:40 rear split seats to give you more space to play with – it packs in everything you need as you enjoy the thrill of the way.

Get ready to show off that dashboard

Premium and sporty, it creates magic inside

With well thought-out ambient lighting, the dashboard is your style statement – it's dual-tone, soft-touch and clever craftsmanship, all revv up the envy.

Load up all you want

The 60:40 split seats create more room

What's an adventure without the spice of the unknown? Be ready for anything, carry everything you can think of. The Avventura 60:40 split seats give you extra room to load up for excitement.

Style reinforced

Touch of class

It is the little things that count. For instance, the fabric insert on the door trims and arm-rests give it the touch of class that matches your own.

Stay cool through the ride

Rear AC vents for even cooling

The spacious Avventura needs strategically placed vents to ensure uniform cooling; the rear AC vents do precisely that. Don't let the thrill make you sweat.

The safety in adventure

High-terrain gauges guide the way

The new Avventura keeps you in the know on every trail. High-terrain gauges like the horizontal and vertical inclinometers and compass make sure you stay in control on all kinds of terrain.

Music for your ears

Audio system self-adjusting volume

The all new navigation system, featuring a 12.7cm (5) smart, resistive touch screen with USB & Aux allows you to connect most devices to the brilliant audio system.

Your safety is our first concern

Smart airbags with early crash sensors to your rescue

The new Avventura comes with airbags and early crash sensors that detect a crash, then activate the airbags and restraints at the exact moment and not an instant later.

You are safe in the back

Sturdy back seat for comfort and safety

The solid back seats with metal back keep you snug in your seat. In case of a crash, they ensure you stay safe – the Avventura commitment to your safety under all circumstances.

Find your way home

Headlamps that stay on to bring you home

The Avventura attention to the last mile - these smart headlamps remain on after you leave the vehicle so you can find your way back home.

Secure as your living room

Fire prevention system for all-round security

The fire prevention system has been installed to make you no less secure in your Avventura than in your living room. It prevents damage from inflammatory objects in the boot or any other place.

Total visibility always

Advanced wipers to give you a better view of the road

These provide extra wipe so that the front windshield remains clean and dry, and your view of the road is unobstructed in all kinds of weather.

Heart of the Avventura

Multijet Diesel engine for extra power
Multi-Jet (Diesel)

This award-winning compact diesel engine powers over 6 million cars worldwide. With improved performance, better fuel efficiency and smoother ride, it is a benchmark for engines.

F.I.R.E Petrol to power your ride

The petrol engine is behind the power-packed CUV you rely on to climb the steepest inclines and take the toughest roads.


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